Stop Letting Folks Kiss Your Baby: Baby Contracts Herpes From an Unknown Source

So you're finally free of random people touching your blooming belly.  Now you have to keep an eye out for random friends and family placing a germy kiss on your new bundle of joy.  I've heard stories like this before, but I've never seen any visuals.  Disturbing, scary and just plain sad comes to my mind when I look at these photos.

A British mom, Amy Stinton,  has taken the liberty of making her  ordeal public to educate other parents on the dangers of letting randoms kiss their baby.  Her son's pediatrician informed her that her 14 month-old son, Oliver had contracted herpes 1 from someone's cold sore.  Cold sores and saliva transmit herpes type 1, not to be mistaken for herpes type 2, which affects the genitals.  Type 1 can attack vital organs and could have killed him if the virus had gone on one more day without being detected and treated.  Scary right?

oliver1 oliver2 Oliver 3

Mom thinks that her son Oliver most likely picked it up after being kissed or a cuddle by a family member or friend with a cold sore.  She admits that there is a distinct possibility that Oliver may have simply put something in his mouth that came into contact with a cold sore.  He's teething so anything he gets his hands on, he's going to put it in his mouth.

Young Oliver will have to deal with the virus for the rest of his life.  Amy shares Oliver's story on her facebook page.

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