Sports Whispers: 10,000+ Packers Fans Petition the Team to Sign Colin Kaepernick

I just want to see him win.  This movement is being lost in translation. There were no mean or no messed up motives behind Colin Kaepernicks takng a knee stand.  He genuinely has a great heart and people are twisting this thing into something it isn't.  It just seems like a blatant attempt to avoid the real issue, but I digress.

Wisconsin fans lost their starting QB, Aaron Rodgers, due to a shoulder injury in Sunday's game.  He has a broken collarbone and will likely miss the entire season.

So, a California fan by the name of Tracey Corder, took matters in her hands and started a pettion on    In it she urges the team to sign Kaepernick.

Aaron Rodgers is possibly out for the rest of the season but there's a Wisconsin-born QB who should be on our team! Lets makes sure the organization know we support Kaepernick to the Packers!

It's been signed more than 10,000 times.

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