Now This Ish? Herpes Wanna Be Alleges Sex Tape

Let me let out a big sigh.....SIGH.  This bish right here.  I'm gettin' old and this type of drama is not in my repertoire Then too, if I don't blog about it, I'll comment in some random place, but I digress.

Like I said, "this bish"....she clearly lacks self respect and integrity.  Like would you dare to have your child, parents and friends hear these type of things?  Like, would you willingly divulge such griminess?

Now This Ish? Herpes Wanna Be Alleges Sex Tape

Okay, I've jumped the gun.....Here is the latest via TMZ

The woman publicly accusing Usher of exposing her to herpes claims she got the whole shebang on tape, and there's footage placing him at her hotel, too.

Quantasia Sharpton told YouTube vlogger Miss Jacob Kohinoor ... she filmed the alleged sex act with Usher, and the real shocker -- she claims the singer knew he was being recorded.

Quantasia also said her rep, celeb attorney Lisa Bloom, is attempting to subpoena hotel surveillance video which she claims shows Usher going to her hotel room in 2014.

As we reported ... an ex-hotel staffer claims she saw Usher walk into the Days Inn lobby in Atlantic City where she says Quantasia came down and took him up to her room a little after midnight. Usher's denied this, saying he couldn't have been there 'cause he was too busy falling in love with his now-wife ... plus, Quantasia isn't his type.

Like I said....."this bish."  (in my best Niecy Nash voice).  I love Claws, but again,  I've digressed.

So now we are suppose to believe that Usher had sex in a Motel 6 and willingly made a sex tape with this chick? Bwaahhahahahahahaha, girl, bye.  Do y'all remember the chick that thought she was married to Usher?  IDK what these chicks are sippin on, but dang.  I know he's cute, but they are doing enough.

You know what?  She is winning....she's makin' the blogs and I just buckled.

Whisper Squad, holla.  What do y'all think?

Dear laws,

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Deirdre B Pride

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