Crying, Darren Sharper Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison

Former NFL Network Analyst, Darren Sharper, who has admitted to raping or attempting to rape women in four states, was given an 18-year prison term in New Orleans today. The judge rejected an earlier agreement that would have sent him to jail for 9 years.

Sharper had pleaded guilty or no contest to raping; attempting to rape and drugging nine women in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Tempe, Arizona, between Aug. 31, 2013, and Jan. 15, 2014.

One of those women told Sharper to "go to hell." She said the arrogance and stupidity he showed in attacking so many victims over such a short time handed authorities their case against him "on a silver platter."

Sharper, who appeared in court shackled and crying said, he apologized to his victims "1,000 times. They didn't deserve anything being a part of my heinous decisions "I still don't know why I lived my life right for 38 years, and then I took this path."

He has already gotten a nine-year sentence from Arizona, which will run simultaneously with the one handed to him Thursday. He will get credit for the time he has served thus far. Sharper serve his punishment at a federal facility in Virginia, where his family is from.

One of his victims spoke at the sentencing saying she had to take three months of medication to prevent HIV after her attack. She also said her attack sickened her so much she became nauseous whenever she brushed her teeth, and she had to share a bed with her mother to be able to sleep.

She told Sharper, "you can't do what you did to me to any other girl and get away with it. Not under my watch."

Source: New Orleans Advocate (edited)

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