Common and Serena are Definitely a Done Deal

Well apparently the site that sent everyone into a frenzy of hope was wrong.  He says he and Serena they are split, but are still good friends.  Common sat down with Fox News Chicago to talk about the Chicago schools and the direction of our youth.  He loves Chicago.  Fox Chicago reports:

Chicago - Rapper/Actor Common was in Chicago for the 3rd Annual "Stay in School" Event on Tuesday. In an exclusive interview with Robin Robinson, the Chicago native confirmed his single status:

"I am single. I am a single man, definitely."

Although reports of a bad break-up have circulated in the press, the artist stated that he is still on good terms with "tennis." Watch his entire response at 5:42 in our exclusive video!

But his personal life was not the entire focus of this interview. Common spoke about giving back to his hometown, and about his hope to inspire a brighter future for the youth.

"I really want them to know that greatness is within them."

In partnership with the Kanye West Foundation, Common, Lupe Fiasco, and Kanye West himself visited three Chicago Public schools on Tuesday, and a reward for a job well done. As part of an incentive to win tickets to West's Chicago Theatre performance in 2009, approximately 3,000 students got their grades up, attended class more often, and were on their best behavior in school.

This year, the competition winners at Marshall, Farragut and Julian got to see their music idols up close and personal. By visiting and performing at these schools in person, Common tried to make a direct connection with these kids, let them know that their hard work is important, and that hard work will get them where they want to go in life.

"It's different, from me being able to just go and give money, and do something that's distant," the rapper explained. "It's being able to be in their school where they go, every day, to work and try to achieve... To be able to pay homage and respect to them. That's why I like to do it."

Common wanted kids to know that they can achieve anything, so long as they continue to stay true to themselves.

"Find your path, believe in your path, and live it."

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Ahhhh, he such a good guy.  Prolific, handsome, single, spiritual and loves his mom.  I adore this man. Whisper your comments.

I copped the tip from Sunni_Bitchie (twitter)

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