Monthly Archives: September 2017

SuperTeaser New Show- Xscape: “Still Kickin’ It”

Eighteen years later, the fierce foursome known as Xscape are ready to make sweet music again... but not without some drama along the way. Lucky for you, the ladies are letting you in on their reunion on Xscape: Still Kickin’ It, set to premiere this November. "Xscape was huge in the '90s, but the sh**…
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Married to Medicine SuperTeaser Season 5

So everyone is back sans Lisa and there is a newbie on board to take her place. Iit's on! Tensions are high for the ladies of Married to Medicine when Season 5 premieres on Bravo this November. And while the ladies don't always see eye-to-eye with each other, they are also feeling that emotional strife…
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Girl Pranks Her Father and it Goes Left Quick

A YouTuber felt that a prank on her mom was so hilarious, she decides to prank her father as well. The video starts with her making her face up to look as if she had gotten beaten up and robbed. She walks into her parents home and cries to her father and he loses it.…
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