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Chad OchoCinco Surprises Young Fan

Chad attended the Children Mending Hearts Gala to surprise one of his biggest fans.   His name is Ruben St. Hilaire, Jr.  What make the story in even more endearing is the fact that the little boy had no idea Chad was going to be there.  He thought he was there to be presented with a…
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Halle Berry in Miami

Looks like Miami was on and Popping this weekend.  The Best of the Best is still going on too.  Nahla was reportedly hanging out with her dad Aubrey.  They seem to be working things out amicably.  May have been different if they had been married.  Just a thought.  Peep the picks of Halle relaxing on…
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Kelly Roland Relaxing Under the Sun in Miami

Not sure who the friend is, but I think he's one of her bodyguards.  Kelly lives in Miami and that is where she spent Memorial Day weekend. Kelly, 29, has also been working hard on her as yet untitled third solo album, and is preparing for the U.S. release of single Shake Them Haters Off. …
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Gary Coleman's Estranged Parents Want Answers

I had wondered if he had reconciled with his adoptive parents who stole his money.  They were ordered to pay him $1 million, but he still later became bankrupt.  His parents now want answers.  I saw a lot of comments where people were wondering if she pushed him or caused his fall.  It is still…
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