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Sandra Bullock Dated Then Married a Nazi Lover?

Yeah Saundra definitely deserved that Oscar.  Look at this fool wearing a Waffen SS visor, holding up the siel heil Hitler sign and saying Shhhhhh . You can not tell me Saundra didn't know about this mess.  The cat is clearly out of the bag.  It appears that's his type. You can't tell me he…
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Apparently Erykah Badu Broke at Least One Law

Well Dallas officials feel Erykah broke a law while filming "Window Seat." But so far, Erykah hasn't been called a criminal for her public nudity. City of Dallas spokesman Frank Librio released a guarded statement Monday, that does however acknowledge that she broke at least one law. "All commercial film/video or photo shoot projects must…
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Mini Superhead is at it Again – NSFW

First off, Nelly went on Ustream and twitter this morning saying,  "told y'all she was lying"......Naw son, you need more people.  Joe Budden and several others apparently paid someone to hack into her account and act like had been making up all the twitter messages.  She said they sent her a "sabibinal tweet." That's not…
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